Golf Rangefinders have increased the accuracy when golfing. Additionally, they have increased the professional levels of players from beginners to pro hence becoming a necessary device in the game. Therefore, golf rangefinders are considered as part of advanced technology in golfing that is quickly gaining popularity for making golf a competitive sport. Additionally, with the progress made in using rangefinders in golfing, it has become apparent that different brands have developed varying rangefinders differentiated by their features. Some of the essential features in a golf rangefinder include;

Laser and GPS rangefinders


Golf rangefinders are of two types; Laser system rangefinders use lasers to scan the golf course to give useful and accurate data to the player. Interestingly, the laser rangefinders can access areas beyond barriers in the golf course which greatly assist the player in making a prudent hit as it informs their next play decision. On the other hand, the GPS system golf rangefinder applies an inbuilt GPS system that accurately locates fixed points on the golf course and is instrumental in making play decisions over a huge distance and angled hits.


All golf rangefinders utilize lenses to provide useful data to the user. Hence, the lenses used increases the efficiency and magnify the display of the golf course information. Most golf rangefinders use multi-coated lenses that provide clear OLED displays that are scratchproof. Moreover, through the lens, the player can observe well-calculated distances and lucid images. Additionally, the lenses are easily adjustable to enlarge or minimize the size of the images or distances by use of control buttons.

Touch scan modes and prism-lock Technology

Some golf rangefinders give automated distance readings of the golf course by using the touch scan modes while others use the prism lock technology that utilizes audio technology to provide accurate distance measures.

DNA technology

Golf rangefinders have an elaborate DNA technology which is applied to synchronize and calculate accurate distance readings. This technology can measure distances ranging from 5 yards to 1000 yards accurately on the golf course.

TGR feature

In order for the golf rangefinder to accurately provide accurate details on raised or low areas on the golf course, it employs the use of the TGR feature in the rangefinder. This ensures that the device can accurately scan uphill and downhill angled shots considering the elevation, hit strength and other atmospheric factors.

Waterproof and fog modes


Superior golf rangefinders have an inbuilt fog and waterproof mode that allows the user to use the device in all weather types as a result of its detailed, accurate information enhanced by these particular specs.