tactical flashlight

Whether you purchased your tactical flashlight for personal protection, a work situation, or for emergencies, you have spent a bit of money. It is important to protect this investment by keeping the flashlight in topnotch shape. Defenseunit provides comparisons between the different types of flashlights. This is done through regular maintenance as outlined below.

Best tips

Clean the tactical flashlight

torchOne of the most important things you can do to maintain your tactical flashlight is kept it clean. This includes the bulb/lens area, handle and battery housing. Use a microfiber cloth or alcohol swab to wipe down the flashlight. If you have a flashlight that has a lot of ridges, then you likely need to use a soft toothbrush to thoroughly clean the grooves. Do this after every use or every couple of uses.

The inside of the flashlight should also be done regularly. By taking the tactical flashlight apart, you can verify that all of the parts are working. To clean the inside, Q-tips and alcohol will be needed. Unless the light has been exposed to harsh elements are dirt, this should be done every six months, depending on use.

Check and lubricate parts

Just as it is important to keep the tactical flashlight clean as part of your maintenance regimen, it is also important to check parts and to lubricate when needed. There are various parts within the flashlight that can dry out. O-rings are the parts that keep that flashlight from getting water into the housing and light casing. It is much more cost effective to lubricate the O-rings every six months to make sure the case remains secure, and springs continue to work properly.

Prevent metal corrosion

Metal corrosion is also a danger for the tactical flashlight. This requires regular maintenance and is a large part of why keeping the flashlight clean is so important. Allowing mud or other debris to remain on your flashlight will lead to quick corrosion of the metal. Always be sure the parts are clean and dry before storing away.


tactical flashlightAs we have indicated, taking care of your tactical flashlight is not complicated, nor should it take a great deal of time. It is, however, particularly important to complete the maintenance steps to prolong the life of the flashlight. Users of tactical flashlights do not want to be in the situation of discovering a problem with the light when it is most needed. Follow these top maintenance tips for tactical flashlights and the light should last for years.